Thursday, 25 July 2013

More than "Jesus Loves You!" by S.Timmis

A great practical and challenging seminar by Steven Timmis from Crowded House Church in Sheffield on how to live and share the Gospel in hard to reach areas.  If you have 15 minutes spare, watch this and dare to dream a vision for the Woodgate-type Estate's scattered around Chessington!

For the Gospel to be heard in the inner city: 
  1. You need to live there (2:44)
  2. You need to live in a way that exposes people to the message of the cross (5:36)
  3. You need to know the Gospel (9:20)
  4. You need to know how to apply it to peoples lives (11:45)
"Contextualisation is not about making the Gospel relevant.  
The Gospel is about demonstrating it's relevance."
S Timmis
This is directly aimed at inner city estates.  How do you think it is relevant to our situations in Chessington?

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